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Common Ways You Might Damage Your Sunglasses

Many of us rely on our sunglasses to block harmful rays, improve visibility, and to simply look a whole lot cooler. But sometimes, our own recklessness can cause us to miss out on all three. Data shows that an American breaks, sits on, or loses a pair of sunglasses every 14 minutes. But what are the most common ways we do damage to our sunglasses? If you engage in any of the following behaviors, you might soon need replacement lenses for sunglasses in your collection.

  • You place them on top of your head: It might be convenient, but this move can lead to destruction. Not only might you end up ruining the arm (also known as the temple) from stretching it out, but keeping your sunglasses on your head makes it more likely that they could get knocked off or fall off. From there, you could easily step on them or lose track of them entirely.
  • You don’t keep them in a case: Keeping sunglasses loose in your purse, pocket, or car is just asking for trouble. You might think it seems silly to invest in a protective case, especially if your sunglasses weren’t all that expensive. But think how you’ll feel when you scratch your glasses with your keys or they break entirely due to what’s in your bag. Even if you didn’t pay a lot for your glasses, investing in a case is typically preferable to having to purchase replacement lenses for sunglasses.
  • You use your clothes to wipe your lenses: We’ve all done this, but it’s a big no-no — unless you don’t mind paying for Oakley replacement lenses. Your shirt may feel soft, but the fibers in it can actually leave permanent scratches on your lenses. Actually, a dampened paper towel is preferable to even a worn-in tee shirt. But a lens cloth is always the best option. If your lenses are smudged, don’t risk doing permanent damage to the lenses. Wait until you’re able to get a good cloth for them.
  • You exercise with them on: If you go for runs in the park or enjoy playing on a soccer team, you probably wear sunglasses while you work out. While this will provide protection from the sun, it won’t provide much protection for the glasses themselves. If you fall down or get hit in the face, your sunglasses won’t stand a chance. Instead of having to resort to buying replacement lenses for sunglasses every time you break a sweat, you might want to invest in a separate pair with polarized lenses and a lanyard to ensure they stay on.

Of course, we all know that accidents happen. Even when you take all the proper precautions, you might damage your sunglasses. Don’t fret — we’ve got you covered. For more information on our replacement lenses for sunglasses from a wide variety of brands, please contact us today.


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