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Looks like Black Iridium

- 07/30/2017

Since you're likely replacing the original Oakley lenses, I'll do my best to relate these Galaxy lenses to what they'll be replacing.

Appearance (from viewer), and visual (as worn) depends on the color of lenses that you choose.


The Black lenses, are polarized and have a reflective coating (similar to Oakley's Iridium coating). The appearance is a deep black that hides your eyes from the viewer. On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being completely clear and 10 being completely reflective, I would rate the Black lenses at 8. The lens color remains black regardless of viewing angle. This lens is going to be a nearly perfect match to the Oakley Black Iridium lens.

The Black lenses, give an even gray tint. The view is very similar to the Oakley lenses, though at 18% VLT, they're not as dark as the original Black Iridium lenses which provide 10% VLT (their darkest tint). The color of the lens remains consistent regardless of viewing angle, just as it did from the outside. Similar to the appearance, this lens will be most similar to the Black Iridium lens, with the biggest difference being the noticeably darker view through the original lenses.

The Galaxy Lenses fit securely into the frames of my Oakley Flak 2.0 glasses. I've got 3 frames (White, Retina Burn, and Orange Flare). I can easily interchange the lenses on all three frames with any of the original Oakley lenses, or Galaxy Lense replacements that I ordered.
The Galaxy lenses are slightly thinner than the original Oakley lenses, but not enough to make them loose. They snap in firmly and don't move around in the frame. I'm a runner, and have had no issues with unwanted movement from the lenses.
The shape of the Galaxy lenses are visually indistinguishable from the Oakely XL lenses. The shape and size of the lenses look original, though when worn they do seem to be slightly larger than the original lenses. Not enough to be an issue unless your original lenses are touching your face. I normally have a slight gap between my face and Oakley lenses, but with the Galaxy lens that gap is even smaller.

Overall opinion:
This is a great choice in replacement lenses. The casual viewer will have no idea they're not original Oakley lenses. The appearance, and visual are consistent regardless of angles and lighting. If you have sensitive eyes and need the very dark VLT of the Oakley Black Iridium lenses, these may not cut it for you. If you like the appearance of the Black Iridium lenses, and are happy with a more common level of tint, and want to pay a fraction of the price for a polarized lenses these are spot on.

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