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Oakley Gascan vs. Fuel Cell : Which One Is Right for You?

Before 1936, tinted sunglasses could only reduce sunlight glare. With the invention of polarized lenses By Edwin H. Land in that same year, protection from harmful UV rays became possible. He utilized his skill at making lenses along with the polarized film he patented to create the groundbreaking lenses.

These days, outdoor sports lovers are looking for sunglasses that are stylish as well as protective. Here’s the breakdown on two premium sunglass frames from Oakley, with some facts from Revant Optics to help you choose the best frame style for your individual needs.

1. Size.

Oakley Gascan frames are smaller in size and have a narrower bridge than the Fuel Cell model. If you have a larger, wider head, but are crazy about the way the Gascans look, the Oakley Fuel Cell is a terrific choice.

2. Style.

The Gascan and the Fuel Cell are very similar in style. Both frames are also made completely of plastic and have removable temples. However, the Gascan differs from most frames in that it has a completely flat bridge, rather than bulging slightly at that point. In addition, the temples (arms) of the Fuel Cell have a more exaggerated curve, which enables them to fit your head more snugly for a more secure fit while engaging in your favorite sport.

3. Lens Curvature.

Once you’ve decided on a frame style that’s best for you, you’ll want to pair them up with lenses that meet your needs for sports performance. Your optician can explain all of your options to you so that you’re better prepared to make an informed choice.

If you need prescription lenses, both the Fuel Cell and the Gascan frame models are able to accommodate Oakley sunglasses lenses with a base curve of 6, which refers to the amount of curvature a lens has.

Frames Direct also points out that the innovative, patented High-Definition Optics (HDO) of Oakley sunglasses lenses results in improved visual clarity and accuracy that will benefit sports enthusiasts. Polarized replacement lenses are also available for both the Gascan and the Fuel Cell.

Keeping this information about these frame and lens styles in mind, you’ll be able to choose frames that look amazing and provide the sun protection you need.

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