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Dos and Don’ts for Cleaning your Oakley Sunglasses

The first pair of polarized sunglasses were created in 1936 by Edwin H. Land, and since that day his technology has been protecting our eyes from harmful sunlight. However, dirty sunglasses are rarely as effective as Mr. Land originally intended.

Cleaning sunglasses correctly helps optimize their performance, so you’re never blinded by smudges during work or during play. Still, many people use improper cleaning techniques for sunglasses, even if they choose high-quality Oakley batwolf lenses or any other premium brand. Keep your sunglasses stylish, effective, and in good condition by following these dos and don’ts:



  1. Use Your Breath and Your Shirt

    First of all, using moisture from your breath or using your saliva as a fluid for cleaning sunglasses lenses is horribly unhygienic, which defeats the purpose of cleaning your sunglasses in the first place. Second of all, this method really won’t work. Clothing is rarely soft enough to clean lenses without scratching, and rarely absorbent enough to remove all fluids completely, leaving your shades a streaked, scratched mess, and possibly more dirty than they were before.

  2. Use A Dry Paper Towel or Napkin

    Though they may feel soft to your fingers, paper products are the scratchy enemy of your Oakley batwolf lenses. The small tree-pulp particles in tissues can create tiny cuts in the glass, which over time will ruin your visibility.

  3. Use Harsh ChemicalsThough chemicals may seem like the best way to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and hair oils from your shades, they are actually harmful. Cleaners like vinegar, bleach, household glass cleaners and disinfectants can all strip your Oakley batwolf lenses or Oakley frogskin lenses of their protective coating and reflective finishes.




  1. Use a Soft Microfiber Towel

    An extremely soft towel is the best material for wiping glasses without scratching them. Don’t use common bathroom towels, which can leave lint and cause damage. Remember to wash microfiber towels without fabric softener– softener can break down the cloth’s material and ruin its soft texture.

  2. Use Warm Running Water

    Though you may think that water will rust your hinges, water is still the best way to give your shades a bath. Just remember to keep the faucet running gently so you don’t drop your sunglasses in the sink.

  3. Use Soap

    Regular dish soap is just the right level of gentle and powerful to get dirt and grease off your sunglasses without causing damage. Use a tiny drop of dish soap and wash sunglasses with your thumb and forefinger. Then rinse, and use your soft microfiber towel to pat the sunglasses dry.

  4. Read Instructions for Spray Cleaners

    Finally, sprays sold for glasses can be a great cleaning method, especially if you need to remove smears when you’re on the go. Just remember to use a soft cloth, and read the spray label– some sprays are not safe for reflective coatings.

And that’s it! Keep your favorite Oakley offshoot lenses, Oakley oil rig lenses, or your Oakley racing jacket lenses clean so they protect your vision for years to come.

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