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8 Insightful Tips on How to Care for Your Performance Eyewear

The Chinese people from the 12th century were the first ever to make sunglasses. The sunglasses they produced were used to help people in hiding their facial expressions while in court and also in protecting their eyes from the sun. Since then, sunglasses have acquired more use as a beauty accessory that protects your eyes from the eye-damaging radiations of the sun. Sunglasses also act as protective sporting gear when surfing, biking, or playing different kinds of games such as Polo and golf.


Searching for the right pair of sunglasses takes lots of time and money. If your sunglasses get damaged when you need them, it can be inconvenient and costly for you. But you can get replacement lenses for your sunglasses. Oakley Batwolf replacement lenses are an ideal example of replacement lenses for damaged sunglass lenses. This article presents to you tips on how to care for your replacement lenses to avoid regular and expensive lenses replacements. If you need clear lenses, read on to learn how you can prevent your sunglasses from getting damaged.


1. Wash Your Sunglasses


You should wash your sunglasses daily if you use them daily. Accumulation of dirt makes it hard for you to see using them. With proper cleaning, your lenses will also stay in better shape for long. Otherwise, if left dirty, your lenses will get damaged, and you may need to buy Oakley Batwolf replacement lenses to revive them.


2. Rinse before Wiping


Rinse your lenses in clean water before wiping or cleaning them. Your sunglasses’ lenses accumulate tiny particles of dirt while in use or storage. Wiping the dirt against dry lenses may cause scratching, which will damage your lenses.


3. Use an Ideal Cloth When Wiping or Cleaning Your Lenses


Napkins, tissue, and paper towels may be soft to the touch, but you should never use them to wipe your glasses. These materials have textured surfaces that can cause scratches on your lenses. Also, avoid using the end of your tie or shirt to wipe the lenses unless it pure and clean cotton.


4. Air-Dry Your Sunglasses


Air-drying of your lenses is a perfect way to keep dirt from sticking to your glasses. If there is no sunshine, you can wipe the lenses dry by using a clean, soft, and lint-free cloth. You can find ideal cleaning cloths from your supplier of Oakley Batwolf replacement lenses.


5. Avoid Dry Wiping


Wiping your Oakley Batwolf replacement lenses when they are completely dry may worsen the friction experienced if there is any gritty dirt on their surfaces. The friction and lack of moisture leads to removal of the coating of the lenses and scratches.


6. Be Careful When Using Any Cleaning Agents Or Spraying


Not all spray cleaners are ideal for your sunglasses. For instance, some household cleaners have ammonia in them, and it’s capable of causing the degradation of the coating of your lenses. Avoid using any stain removers, and ensure that any cleaning liquid that you use is meant for cleaning sunglasses. The Oakley Batwolf replacement lenses have a coating with sensitive UV protection materials, and you should not expose the lenses to strong chemicals because they can lead to the complete damage of your lenses. Therefore, don’t use any harsh detergents or chemicals to clean your sunglasses.


7. Proper Storage and Handling


When your sunglasses are not in use, you should store them in an appropriate case to prevent them from getting broken, scratched, or bent. Choose a microfiber pouch or a thin case if you do not want a bulky glass case. If you have to remove them, always use your two hands. When removing them also avoid putting them on unclean surfaces with the lenses down.


These seven insightful pieces of advice should help your sunglass lenses to have an extended scratch-free life. But you have to remember to put them into practice each day for you to have crystal clear lenses.

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