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3 Key Advantages to Wearing Polarized Lenses While Skiing

At the brink of World War II, pilots knew they would need equipment to help them cope with the intense sunlight during flight. Working with Ray-Ban, the brand developed aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses. Today it is not just pilots who use polarization technology to improve their performance — all manner of athletes who face strong sunlight utilize polarized lenses.

Oakley is well-known for their vision-improving lenses, and have frames suitable for a great variety of activities. One sport for which polarized lenses are particularly vital is skiing. At high altitudes and surrounded by high-albedo snow, skiers face intense glare in an environment with little contrast. Thus, quality polarized lenses are absolutely vital to this activity.

For those who wear prescription lenses, it is not practical to bring two pairs as you switch between the mountain and the lodge. Photochromic transition lenses render this a non-issue. If you are a skier, these lenses will help you with each of the following:

  1. Reduced glare
    Polarized lenses are famous for their glare-reducing properties. These lenses, by blocking all horizontal UV rays while allowing only vertical rays to pass through, greatly diminish the blinding effects of reflected sunlight. This is an absolute necessity for skiers, who are surrounded by extremely reflective white snow.
  2. Increased contrast and detail
    Due to the monochromatic nature of the alpine landscape, any additional detail is a huge advantage. It can be difficult to judge elements such as depth with such little contrast. Through filtering some of the light and improving visual acuity, polarized lenses make it easier for skiers to make rapid judgments regarding the terrain as they fly downhill.
  3. Less strain on the eyes
    Sunny mountain weather can take a toll on eyes. When skiing all day, the constant bright light wears the retinas, causing eye fatigue and even headaches. Photochromic transition lenses guarantee that your eyes will be comfortable, no matter how long you stay on the slopes.

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