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Do You Skate? Try Photochromic Transition Lenses

When most people think of skateboarding gear, they think of the classics: a skateboard (obviously), a round skate helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. However, more and more skaters are realizing the value of sunglasses when it comes to preparing for a session. The right pair of sunglasses can not only provide aesthetic value, but can actually improve safety.

The ideal pair, appropriate for all skate locations, is not just any old pair of sunglasses. For skaters who are serious about their performance, photochromic transition lenses are the way to go. Here are just a couple of reasons why skaters should look into this optics technology.

The look

Skate culture has always been intimately intertwined with fashion. Whether it’s a ripped pair of jeans or some beaten up Vans sneakers, the subculture has been highly influential on streetwear and more. Though not a part of the quintessential skate repertoire, sunglasses have long been valued for their ability to elevate a look. In an insightful, in-depth piece on why sunglasses make us look so good, The Cut magazine explores precisely what is at work behind this famous accessory.

For one, sunglasses improve perceived facial symmetry by blocking any imperfections in the eye area. Additionally, the shape of the frame and lenses provide extra structure to the face, making it look stronger and more chiseled. Importantly, sunglasses have historically had an association with daring endeavors such as flying aircraft, as well as with risky sports — given this history, it follows that skateboarding would be an easy fit.


Perhaps the most important reason to try photochromic transition lenses, however, is because of their impact on safety. The lenses are specially designed to adapt to changing lighting conditions. Any skater who has had a session at a skate park with indoor and outdoor sections knows how valuable this feature can be. Even for a purely outdoor session, changing weather conditions can mean that any eyewear without transition lenses can quickly become obsolete. With photochromic transition lenses you can rock the same pair whether it’s overcast or sunny without a cloud in the sky — they are particularly useful for those hours between 10am and 2pm when the sun is at its strongest.

If you do not yet have a pair, make sure to order sunglasses with photochromic transition lenses right away. And if you ever find yourself in need of photochromic or polarized replacement lenses for sunglasses that you own already, make sure to order from Galaxylense — the prices and quality simply cannot be beaten.

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