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Three Reasons Why You Need Photochromatic Replacement Lenses

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 328,960,643 people in the United States. And an American breaks, sits on, or loses a pair of sunglasses every 14 minutes. That’s a lot of sunglasses. Sound familiar?


Before you think about waiting to get your replacement lenses, here are three reasons why you should invest in photochromatic replacement lenses.


#1: Summer is here and UV protection is key


While your eyes can be damaged by the sun anytime throughout the year, summer is all about clear skies, fabulous weather, and all of the outdoor activities – and the more time spent outdoors, the more exposure to UV light, the more you’re at risk of developing eye diseases like cataracts and cancer. Yikes!


So how can you save those windows into your soul? The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends not only wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection but wearing sunglasses that protect against both UV-A and UV-B rays. And, in this case, the bigger the sunglasses, the better! Bigger sunglasses means more coverage, and more coverage equals fewer UV rays hitting your eyes.


And when you invest in photochromatic replacement lenses, you don’t have to worry about switching between your glasses and your sunglasses. These crystal clear lenses have you covered with UV protection to boot!


#2: Photochromatic replacement lenses are a game changer


These interchangeable lenses are designed to adapt to any environment – and quickly. Walk outside and watch as these lenses seamlessly transition into dark shades. On top of their swift transition process, photochromatic replacement lenses also come polarized for extra glare protection.


Not familiar with how polarized sunglasses work?


Polarized lenses are made with a special filter that reduces glare, especially from things like water, snow, and glass. Usually, when the sun’s rays hit a surface, they can bounce off and reflect in several different directions. However, with surfaces like water, snow, and glass, they tend to bounce off in almost the same horizontal direction.


That’s where polarized sunglasses come in. When you rock a pair of these, their anti-glare technology cancels out that annoying sunlight. So you can keep driving, boating, playing sports, or simply enjoying the outdoors in peace – no eyestrain here!


#3: Keep your style fresh this summer


Let’s face it – at the end of the day, nothing makes a statement quite like a pair of sunglasses. Just look at Elton John. Now he knows how to wear sunglasses to make an entrance. The good news is with Oakley’s photochromatic replacement lenses, you’ll have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs to choose from! You’ll have no problem finding the right pair of sunglasses (or pairs of sunglasses) for you. The best part – you can have one frame and swap out your replacement lenses for different colors and styles!


So don’t wait – kick off your summer with sunglasses will protect your eyes and look absolutely fabulous while doing it.

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