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Ever Wondered How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From the Sun?

The first pair of polarized sunglasses were invented in 1936 for pilots dealing with UV glare.

Up until then, tinted sunglasses were only able to offer partial protection from harmful UV rays. Now, they help to completely block and protect your eyes from the sun, offering both short term and long term protection.

If you value your vision and want to keep your eyes in the best shape possible, continue reading to learn how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

What is polarization, and how does it work?

Polarization is one of the final steps in constructing a pair of lenses for eyeglasses. Once they are built, a final layer of chemicals is painted over the lens. This painting technique is done vertically to help reorganize the amount of light shining through your eyes during wear and helps to reduce the amount of glare.

The dangers of UV rays

Polarized lenses protect your vision from numerous risks such as:

  • Sunburn. Yes, your skin isn’t the only organ in need of some protection when you’re having fun in the sun. Think of polarized lenses as SPF for your eyes and never leave without a pair if you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, especially between the hours of 10 am, and 2 pm when the sun is its highest in the sky.
  • Premature aging. Proper eyewear will also protect the incredibly thin skin around your eyes and help prevent crows feet and dark spots on the skin.
  • Cataracts— although typically tied to old age, cataracts can also develop at an early age through heavy exposure to UV rays.
  • Eye cancer and growths. This one is the scariest— but it can be completely prevented by a sturdy pair of 100% protection UV glasses.

How Oakley Batwolf lenses can help save your eyesight

The Oakley Batwolf lenses are top of the line glasses that help you see your world much clearer and protect your eyes from all outdoor conditions.

These sunglasses offer protection from UV rays but also are easily replaceable if you happen to break the lenses. It’s easy to want to throw away the entire pair when your lenses get cracked, scratched, or completely broken, but keep in mind; the pair is still usable. You can still buy suitable replacement lenses for sunglasses instead of having to splurge on a new pair or neglect your eye health. This is just one huge benefit of owning a pair of Oakley Batwolf lenses. If the positive health benefits don’t quite draw you in, surely the convenience and affordability will.

The right pair of shades can brighten up your world

The right pair of glasses can protect your eyes and enhance the world around you. By choosing Oakley Batwolf lenses, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on any of the beautiful and visual experiences in your life. Just cover up, feel great, and know that your eyes are protected from those harmful UV rays.

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